Target Audience

This is our initial target audience, but we welcome all users! Without you, we would be nothing! We would love to hear from YOU about what you know about UGC and WHAT you would like to know more about, so contact us and let us know!

Generatedbyusers Target Audience Profile

Who are the people we want to reach?
Where do they live, how old are they, what experience do they have, what are their hobbies, how do they currently use the internet?

Profile 1: Laura
Sex: Female
Age: 32
Job: Editor, producer, script writer
Newspapers: The Times, The Telegraph
Home: Modern 2-bed apartment
Hobbies: Going to big London events like gigs and conferences, regular publican, going to football matches, running in Hyde Park, interviewing celebs

Online Background:
Currently: Laura has a blog of her own and is on Twitter and Facebook, she is seen at work as one of the people who knows the most about social media, but really she wants to learn more. She uses Twitter and Facebook as tools to find interviewees, news stories, and contacts.

Objectives: She understands the huge potential in user generated content in news, she wants to be at the forefront of new and innovative ways of covering news. She wants to make sure she is using all the platforms available to her, she also wants to know how other journalists are using social networking and UGC.

Profile 2: Mark
Sex: Male
Job: Journalist, freelancer, producer
Newspapers Mark Reads: The Guardian & The Independent
Home: 4-bed London townhouse
Hobbies: Going to social events, hanging out at journalism hubs such as the Frontline Club, travelling to report on hard hitting stories, going out for nice dinners with people who like to talk about what’s happening in the world

Online Background:
Currently: Mark knows very little about the potential of the internet, he is a typical ‘older generation’ journalist who does not know how to use Twitter or Facebook to its maximum capacity. He does not see the news potential in social networking yet, but is eager to learn more about the online world and technology. He has gmail, but he only uses this for actually checking emails. He knows how to use Photoshop, and FCP.

Objectives: Mark would like to be able to use UGC as inspiration for stories, to interact with his audience to source what they would like to hear about, receive commentary on his journalism, and to find case studies.

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