User generated cash to get across America for SXSW

This is a social media experiment with a difference.

Tuttle founder Lloyd Davis is hoping to prove the power of social capital by travelling from West to East America by the help of his online network ONLY.

So that’s accommodation, food and travel only to be donated by his digital connections. At the time this post was published, Lloyd had raised $1520 donated by 28 of his online community.

The idea behind the trip is to prove the importance and strength of online relationships and how they can translate into real-life commodities and cash. In short social media ROI.

He’ll be flying out on 1st March to San Francisco and hopes to end up somewhere on the East coast (possibly Boston) via music, film and tech conference SXSW.

All he’s taking with him will be a social media tool-kit; smartphone, netbook, flip camera and an SLR and he’ll be blogging his way through the journey here.

If you’d like to help him in any way – offer him a sofa, send him some cash or drive him around, you can do here.

A few days before the big trip, we asked why Lloyd is undertaking such a mean feat, the plans (or lack of!) he’s already put in place and what will happen if he runs into trouble.

We’ll be catching up with Lloyd when he’s over in the States to see if he makes it to SXSW so keep your eyes peeled for an update.

By Lucy Hewitt

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