Daily Archives: February 26, 2011

UGC holds world leaders accountable – YouTube’s World View

’Tis the season to hold world leaders accountable through User Generated Content (UGC), and I’m not just talking about the current uprisings against dictators in the Middle East. Our very own David Cameron has been quizzed by Joe public on YouTube’s World View:

Al Jazeera’s Kamahl Santamaria was the host. He drew attention to the World View interviews breaking down the distinction between professional journalists and users, by describing the Q&A with Cameron as a a “special collaborative interview… between us and you.”

Over 7, 000 questions were put to the PM after YouTube invited people to send in questions on both foreign and domestic affairs via video and text. Seeing the videos of people asking questions throughout the interview emphasised the prominence of UGC.

In being broadcast on the internet, the world has access to this interview. If it had just been shown on a national broadcaster, it would have reached a smaller number of people.

The comment facilities and number of ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ accompanying the video are more examples of UGC, and give some indication of how people felt about the interview.

The World View series shows the use of UGC to reach the most powerful people – Barack Obama was interviewed before Cameron. You might even call it an Internet revolution.

By Anisa Kadri @anisakadri on Twitter