UGC for Christmas: Santa on Google Voice


When I was a kid my parents would reply to my letter to Father Christmas. Unfortunately loads of kids don’t get a faked return letter in curly handwriting and are left forever wondering whether St Nick actually has a post box at the North Pole.

Now Google has set up a Google Voice number for Santa (855-34-SANTA) where you can leave him a voicemail. There’s a website where you can set up a message that will ring any number in the United States with a personalised message from the big guy.

It asks you to input information such as your relationship to the recipient, what present they might like and a nickname to call them – where you choose from a list of options and the answers are input into a message from Father Christmas. Some of the choices are pretty self-promotional… ‘What would Paul like for Christmas’ brings up an Android phone and ‘What should Santa be doing before he delivers presents’ gives browsing Google maps as an option. But for a free tool that’ll put a smile on someone’s face I guess you can’t blame them.

Unfortunately you can only call US numbers, but you can send the voicemail via email or share on Facebook and Twitter. I put together this Christmas message for our online journalism lecturer Paul Bradshaw.


Merry Christmas!


By Lucy Hewitt

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